Design Studio

Do you want your business presentation to be professional and outstanding? Do you have great ideas but not the right tools to create them and put them out there? Let's have a coffee! With me you are guaranteed to have a one of a kind design that is creative, functional, professional and sets the right tone of voice for your business. I am happy to have a talk to see what I can do to give you good input and your business good output. Fill in a contact form for a (teams)meeting so we can get acquainted!

logo design - video editing - image editing

Who would you be having your (online) coffee with?

After being a studio photographer for 17 years doing the online and offline marketing, photography and photo editing I have also got a lot of experience in making and editing videos when working for a training company. My strength is that I am a fast thinker and an unusual thinker, that thinks in images.

I am not a marketing bureau that does all your marketing but I can be your creative sidekick that helps you translate your ideas into the right look and feel. Photoshop holds no secrets for me and I know my way around with video software. Do not hesitate to contact me!



To book an online meeting immediately pick a date and I will send you an invite in Teams!