drawing of an elvis like dog his portrait

Custom wall art of your cat or dog!

digital drawings of your pet

These are digital drawn portraits, and a wonderful wall art printed on a 12x12 inch art print quality photo paper. Framed in a frame and passe partout of your choice it is ready to shine on your wall! Price is $119.00 (US dollars) for one pet. If you have more pets you want in one portrait send me a message so we can discuss the possibilities for you!

Your dog as an icon in a digital artwork! Large file suitable for large prints: $ 99,00 

art drawing of a smiling dog on a bike

How does it work?

  • You can order when you send in a photo(s) to: info@digitalpetart.com
  • The photo doesn't have to be high quality.
  • Within a few days I will send you a password to login to the website to see your digital drawing for your approval
  • You can pay on the website
  • I will send you your framed art print. The art print is 12 x 12, frame size depends on your choice of frame.

Original wall art

art custom drawing dog
custom dog art  drawing

This makes a wonderful gift!


Contact me for your dog or cat artwork

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 If you would like to send in photo(s) of your pet(s) you can also send an email to: info@digitalpetart.com

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