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 Whether your dog is an active enthusiastic ball chaser or a lazy little cuddle bear, your dog's happy face and wagging tail always manages to lift your spirit. To have me capture and create that memory with a custom dog caricature portrait, you will have a remembrance to last a lifetime. Every dog (and cat and every other pet) has a story. - Jessica Vonk

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dog caricature printed on glass

Finny with his custom caricature, included are his deer friend and hummingbirds.

caricature dog printed on canvas

About me

It all began with a simple idea fueled by a deep passion for digital painting and dogs.

As a small business, I provide personal attention and dedication to every detail of my artworks.

My approach is rooted in quality and integrity, ensuring that everything I do reflects my commitment to excellence so you get the artwork you will love for a lifetime. Read more about the studio here.

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How does it work?

  • You send in photo(s) of your pet with the contact form below. (Or you can e-mail to send in more than two photos.)

  • The photos don't have to be high quality, as long as the face and eyes are clear for me to see. You can only send in photos of your own pets!

  • Tell me in the message section your pet's name, character and what colors and background you like.

    Any wishes you have you can write to me in your email or contact form. Would you like a classic portrait painting/imaginary, or on a motor, boat, or in a convertible? Maybe you want a favorite toy in it caricature, certain flowers, or another accessoire you love? Tell me a bit about his/her character. Also tell me your favorite colors to match your home, so the caricature will fit your home.

  • I will e-mail a watermarked version of the dog caricature for your approval; one revision is included in the price.

  • If you like the dog caricature, you can order and pay for the caricature and I will e-mail you the artwork in a high quality digital file that you can use for (large) prints! 

Who creates my artwork?

After being a portrait photographer and resident trainer for almost seventeen years in an analogue photographystudio (PhotoCorporation) and digital photography studio (Fosica) I started Pet Art digital painting mid 2018 as a avocation next to my work as a creative marketing assistent. Creating and painting in Photoshop is a big passion next to my big love for classic art, that grew out to the portraits I am creating today.

As a child I fell in love with the animation work of Yumiko Igarashi's Kyandi Kyandi (Candy Candy) a Japanese series, one of the reasons I started drawing. My caricature portraits resemble that style with the big expressive eyes of innocence.

My dog Daantje is a proud ambassador for my digital artworks I do for projects and exhibits. I live in Giessen, the Netherlands, but since I send the artworks digitally I take commissions from all over the world. 

How do I contact you?

Fill out the contactform below this section and I will contact you within two days!

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caricature dog hairdresser salon

* These fields are mandatory. Please read the " How does it work? " above the contact form before sending it in. If you have any questions visit the FAQ page or the Terms and Conditions page.


Caricature Digital File Prices (US dollars)
One dog caricature portrait with custom background US $ 119.50
Two dogs caricature portrait with custom background US $ 139.50
Three dogs caricature portrait with custom background US $ 159.50


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About the Bruno & Co Art studio.


The birthday gift was a huge success! We have had a few artworks made for us by Jessica and they are always exceptional! She is a joy to work with and her creativity and attention to detail is unsurpassed.

Ann from Massachusetts

Jessica has done 2 of my kids, Bear and Luna in portraits and the whole crew as "The Old Lady who lived in a Shoe".
Her talent is amazing, she captured every one perfectly and gave me a portrait that I will treasure!

Becky from  NY

Thank you for including our Duncan in your art work. He looks absolutely adorable! You brought out his fun, loving personality in your painting. I am totally in love with your work! 

Jacqueline from Massachusetts

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