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dog and bird caricature

Q. I want an artwork of my dog as a: Disney figure, cartoon character, football player with logo, in a newspaper etc. Can that be done?

Copyrighted/trademarked items like Disney figures, cartoons, certain logo's of brands and sport clubs, famous artworks and slogans I can not integrate in your artwork because I would violate the copyright or trademark rules. Of course I can make you an artwork that resembles the ambiance, I can paint the costumes and accessoires around your pet in a similar fashion, but it will always be my interpretation. That is eventually what makes your portrait a custom Bruno&Co Art Studio caricature.


Q. Can I have my dog smiling in the artwork?

Of course I can make your dog smile. Because these paintings are custom I can give him the expression that you would like him to have. When you send in the photo's I always like a good description of the character of your dog/cat so I get an idea of what expression would suit him/her best in the painting, so the character comes out best!


Q. I have seen portraits of pets in costumes for a lot less money, why is that?

Most of the portraits online are not custom or hand painted. These are photoshop portraits made with a filter. They have standard backgrounds and costumes where your pet's photo is cut in. It is less time consuming so they cost less.

In my classic paintings and caricatures the dogs and cats are painted like on a canvas, but I use a digital file as a canvas instead. I work with different brushes and create everything custom. Backgrounds are mostly painted but I also use high quality photo's to create different structures and layers, (multimedia) depending on the portrait and your wishes. That means that you get quality that is printable in even the largest sizes. The details are gorgeous. 


Q. How much time does it take to get my custom Pixel Pet Art?

A. It depends on the piece of art you want, the number of animals/people in it and the photo's you send in. The caricature portraits are usually finished within 5 days. 


Q. I want to surprise my girlfriend with a family portrait of us both with the dogs, can that be done?

No, unfortunately I don't paint humans. My niche are dog and cat paintings, I don't want to scare you :-).


Q. What if I don't like the artwork?

There are two reasons endless revisions are not done on caricature portraits, the first is to keep the prices as low as possible so everyone will be able to get a portrait. Revisions are very time consuming. Second is that the artwork is the interpretation of the artist. The artist will have to make changes that are not in the artist' signature work flow and does not feel comfortable delivering such an artwork. However one small revision is included in the price.


Q. I live in Sweden, can I have an artwork too?

A. Bruno&Co Art Studio has made custom art for people all over the world. I don't need your pet here to come and model, I can use (a) photo(s) of your fur friend. The digital file will be send to you in an e-mail. The art print will be sent to you in an envelope with the post.


Q. I have a photo I love to have in an artwork, but it's not sharp/clear/low quality, is that a problem?

A. No, it shouldn't be, but of course it's important for me that I can see the face and eyes. I prefer having a few photo's from different angles so I can really make an accurate portrait. With most low quality photo's I can still see, but to be 100% sure you can always send it to me so I can check for you. It's most important you send in photo's that you love, that expresses his/her character most.


Q. Do you sell the artworks of my dog to others?

A. No I will not, only if you like me to and give permission to use it for more prints or your dog was used for a promotional piece. Otherwise your artwork stays only available for you. It will be used only for promotional purposes like social media, website, displays in galleries and art fairs.

For any other questions send an e-mail to: info@brunoartstudio.comemail or a contact form.