Daantje & Pino's book of adventures

A book about friendship and working together

Daantje the American cocker spaniel & Pino the yellow canary, the detective duo solving mysteries! A fun book for kids and adults.

About the book

Daantje and Pino are ready to put on their investigators' hats to solve the mystery of The Great Ratsby! Will they uncover the Rat's secrets and make the town safe again?

The adventures of Daantje and Pino are created by Jessica Vonk, digital painter and owner of Art Studio Bruno & Co. The characters in her book are based on her own pets Daantje the American Cocker Spaniel and Pino the Canary.

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The Great Ratsby Jessica Vonk
The Great Ratsby Jessica Vonk

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Farrell Rebecca
8 months ago

I read it as soon as it came, it's really good! I love the message and the art work!!! ♥️

Sue Havens
8 months ago

The book arrived today! I loved it. It was fun, well written and great art. I look forward to reading it to our nieces!

NANCY Edwards
8 months ago

Got my book yesterday and I love it!!! A keeper for sure!!

8 months ago

Daantje and Pino’s Book of Adventures: The Great Ratsby is a delight! Amazing illustrations that can be appreciated by the youngest readers and a thoughtful story line.that celebrates friendship and working together to right a wrong.

Daantje & Pino's first book

book dog bird frog duck
Daantje and Pino's book of adventures

Daantje the spaniel and Pino the canary meet some pretty special animals on their adventure. Together with friends Doris the frog and Gus the Duck they travel the world. This book is fun for young and old. It has rhymes together with the digital paintings, created by Jessica Vonk, who is also the owner of Daantje & Pino and the Pet Art Studio, creating custom caricatures of pets from around the world. Until further notice it is not possible to do a new order on the first book.

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Daantje and pino Book dog bird frog canary duck
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A fun book about a dog and canary.

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