Project Dogs 2020

Dog portrait 15 dogs painting
dogs that will be in the artworks

models for the painting:

  • Lady from Sweden
  • Baby Cakes from South Carolina, USA
  • Narnia from Belgium
  • Duncan from Maine, USA
  • Cock from the Netherlands
  • Bentley from Connecticut, USA
  • Waddles from USA
  • Duncan Patrick from Arizona, USA
  • Hailey from New York, USA
  • Troy from the Netherlands
  • Sully from Alberta, Canada
  • Just from Florida, USA
  • Uma from Norway
  • Jones from Walpole, USA
  • Button from Toledo, Ohio

The awesome artwork I am digitally painting to make it a pawsome one: John Hamilton Mortimer - year: 1761

classic portrait art Mortimer
Dog art based on aclassic painting Mortimer

What has become a yearly tradition, Pixel Pet Art is doing a big project: a classic painting is repainted in a dog classic with wet noses that speaks to the heart. This year John Hamilton Mortimer's artwork is the inspiration for this new artwork.

With a model search on Facebook fifteen dog owners got to enter their pup for the artwork.

Dog paintings:How it began

the Night Watch 2.0 Dog portrait
Dutch design week nightwatch dogs

Project dogs ' The Dogwatch'

This artwork was displayed at Dutch Design Week October 2019.

Rembrandt's The Night Watch transformed to The Dog Watch! It was the beginning of Project Dogs, making an artwork every year with dogs from all over the world!

Every February I make a selection. If you want your dog to join send me a message with a contact form or e-mail me: