Pets in art funfacts!

Published on 30 March 2019 at 10:47

Here are some pets in art funfacts!

Pablo Picasso, the well known Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist and stage designer had a little dachshund named Lump, that he adored. Picasso described Lumps as: ' not a dog, he's not a little man, he's somebody else'. They died within ten days from each other in 1973.

Photo courtesy of David Douglas Duncan, who was the previous owner of Lump, but when he took him to Pablo picasso, Picasso fell in love and mr. Duncan gave Lump to him. What a gorgeous story.
Did you know that they openend an contemporary art exhibition for dogs? It's got artworks hanging on eye level for the fur friends and it's got an open car window simulator that has a mechanical moving landscape. With a scent blowing fan with meat and fish...and an old shoe.  It's so cool! Check out Dominic Wilcox on google.
In Chicago they are having a Cat and Dog filmfestival starting the 28th of april. On sunday you can bring your dog.. only if he's well behaved that is. Google dog film festival.
There is a Weimaraner puppy recruited at the Boston museum of fine arts as a bug catcher! They are training him to sniff out beetles, moths and other pests that could damage works of art.
In Saudi Arabia they have found cave art that dates thousands of years back.. it's a hunter surrounded by a pack of dogs. The rock art shows that dogs where used as hunting partners already in those early years.
Egyptians viewed cats to be sacred in ancient times. There are carvings, papyrus paintings and tomb decorations of cats as gods and goddesses.
Salvador Dali, the surrealist art creator, had a cat named Babou that he adored, it was an Colombian ocelot. It was a dwarf leopard, yes, a wild cat! He took her everywhere with him, even to a restaurant so the story goes. His meowing muse.
Word telegram & Sun photo by Roger Higgins, image courtesy of the library of congress.
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