Love your artwork: Feng Shui

Published on 20 July 2021 at 17:15

While rearranging my living room I came across some pretty interesting articles about Feng Shui, a more than 3000 year old philosophy that teaches you how your surroundings can influence your luck. I figured why not try it?

While reading I found some articles about what wallart can do for you in your home. The advice they give on what to look for in the artwork, the colors and advice on hanging them. Since I make custom art this could be of interest for anyone looking for a wall art of their dog that does resonate with the Feng Shui philosophy.


First: let's start with the colors. I always ask what the clients favorite colors are, but with Feng Shui it's better to look at what you need in your life, so you can pick a color that gives you that vibe. Invite certain energies. Colors can make a big impact in your home. For example red invokes fire energy for passion, recognition and visibility. When people ask me why I am still single I can now tell them it's not my horrible personality but the lack of red color in my interior. Already love this Feng Shui, wonderful. 


Second: they advice to avoid art that is emotionally charged, like stuff that belonged to an ex, or something else that you started to dislike over the years. Let it go! Order a custom one.


Third: don't hang your art to low, the energy will also be low. Hang the artwork at the appropriate height for the space and the size of the piece. If you are feeling down and defeated, don't blame that awful date but check if your paintings are high enough! Consider the scale of your home or the space you are adding the artwork to. If you place a small size artwork on a big wall you might get a feeling there is something missing in your life. Don't be afraid to mix different colors, sizes and/or shapes.


Fourth: Take your time when you begin collecting art. There is no need to rush. Be selective. Be sure the artwork resonates with you and that you love what you look at. How does the artwork make you feel? Does it support you or bring you down? Pick your art slowly and mindfully! Or better: get a custom one.


Fifth: in general the following subjects should better be avoided in your wall art:

  • Single and lonely looking people, especially in the bedroom;
  • Violent Imagery;
  • Family photo's in the bedroom;


Sixth: think of the animals you would like to add with your dog in the custom artwork. Did you know that dragons, phoenixes, tigers and tortoises make up the four celestial animals of feng Shui? Next to your dog's energy,  they can contribute to the luck in your home.


There is a lot more interesting stories I read about Feng Shui. Wonder what you think about it or have experienced. Please a message below to share!

To get a custom art send me an email: .


Greetings Jessica.




printed dog art on a canvas

My good luck bringers: Daantje and Pino!

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Sue Havens
3 years ago

I think Diva might look good as a dragon, Phoenix or tiger. What do you think?

Deborah Sweat
3 years ago

Love this article! All of these fit me except for the red color used inside--maybe that's why I'm still single, too! I go with an assortment of vibrant colors, greens and purples are my favorites. Thank you for posting this article and thank you for the caricatures of Bailey & Teddy! I pet sit and plan to order others from you for Christmas gifts. Thank you, again, and thank you for sharing Daanjte and Pino with us!